Live Streaming

MTA masters the technique of broadcasting audio or video signals transmitted in a continuous stream of data over a network, in order to allow their consumption in real time. Thus, MTA can effectively support events with its large capacity live web streaming service. A potential source of income if your organization wishes to broadcast its activities in real time and / or in continuous broadcast for those who cannot attend your events in person.

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Contact Centre

Telephony, email, sms

We can help you provide your customers with the best possible service. Our contact centre, staffed with multilingual agents with proven expertise, is enabled for telephone, email or sms communications. Phone sales, bookings, general information services, technical support (registration, interactive systems, shipment tracking) are available 7 days a week. In addition, we can help you set up automated interactive channels via sms as well as by phone. Contests, surveys or public interest messages: tell us your wildest dreams, we love a challenge!

RFID solutions


Since 2010, MTA has been the market leader in the shipment of rfid wristbands to the greatest number of people. With a weekly throughput of 40,000 orders, we have mastered the art of fulfillment. Our experience gives us an edge: we hate queues at the box office as much as you do. We focus all of our efforts on providing a seamless, worry-free experience for your customers. Your rfid wristbands will reach your audience in snap!

Rfid wristbands

Our objective: to provide a flawless product. We know what an rfid wristband should be like. A solid combination of four elements: security, comfort, reliability and efficiency. We know how to deal with the technical side of things. You decide on the look you want, we take care of the rest. Gone are the days of complicated and unreliable overseas exchanges...



Are you thinking of making the leap to an rfid solution? We can guide you through the implementation process. From the integration of your rfid service provider to setting up a ticket service as well as planning and rollout of your event, our team has taken part in an impressive number of implementations and they are ready to provide the guidance that you need.

À la carte box office

Implementation and operation

Our one-of-a-kind booking service does not limit your choice to one platform or network or bind you to a mandatory process. Various partnerships with the key players in the field enable us to create an “à la carte” offering to meets your needs without compromise. Ranging from the choice of a platform, to support for implementation and all the way to a turnkey service, we will ensure that your needs are met while optimizing your return on investment.


Technological solutions

Connectivity and security

Let us deal with your network connectivity challenges: set up of wired or wireless multiple vlans networks for your production, ticketing, access control or payment system infrastructure. In addition, we can provide a temporary telephone system for your event. Our ip camera security system will also enable you to keep an eye on the areas you wish to monitor at all times: ticket office, entrances or management offices.


Event materials

Printing and production

We offer several solutions for the production and printing of your tickets, wristbands, accreditation cards, stickers, tags and lanyards. Using digital and thermal printing methods, we are able to meet all of your needs relating to the creation of event admission materials.


Fulfillment services


With a weekly throughtput of tens of thousands of orders, we have mastered the art of fulfillment. Our efforts are aimed at providing a seamless, hassle-free experience for your customers. Your packages will reach your audience in no time! We take care of the preparation of the shipments following your requests and vision.

Multiple Integrations

Our platform is integrated with many ecommerce providers - especially with Shopify for which we have a complete integration. We also have integrations with Canada Post, FedEx, USPS allowing us to provide you a complete service across North America.